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The Emperor’s Birthday Reception at Embassy of Japan in the USA,Washington D.C.

The Emperor’s Birthday Reception at Embassy of Japan in the USA,Washington D.C.

Date: 12.Dec. 2017

A twist on tradition at the Emperor's Birthday Reception! Ambassador Sasae and guests had a chance to check out the…

Embassy of Japan in the USAさんの投稿 2017年12月20日(水)

“The Art of Japan: NOW, with the Past”

“The Art of Japan: NOW, with the Past”


Tenri Cultural Institue
(43W 13th Street, New York NY 10011)

[Exhibition Hours]
12:00PM-6:00PM (Monday – Friday)
10:00AM-3:00PM (Saturday)

Hosted by Tokyo University of the Arts Almuni Association of New York, this collaboration exhibition focuses on traditional form of Japanese art and contemporary styles evolved on its own tradition. Five artisits including two current students from the university showcase modern Japanese Paintings and three musicians will be performing traditional Japanese music and contemporary styles. Besides, two workshops will be taking place to have participants experience Japanese Painting drawing and Noh, traditional Japanese theatrical form.

Supported by Douseikai, Morinokai, Ogawawashi, DaVinch and Noh Society

<Saturday, December 2 from 1pm to 4:30pm>
Japanese Painting Workshop
Create holiday cards and greeting cards using various materials for Japanese Painting.

THE CLOUDS 出口雄樹、古賀義浩、篠原達郎3人展


会期:2017 年10 月15 日(日)~16日(火)
会場:art space tetra (福岡市博多区須崎町2-15)

Yuki Ideguchi, Yoshihiro Koga, Taturo Shinohara

Date: OCT. 15 – OCT.16. 2017
Site: art space tetra
Suzakichou2-15, Hakata-ku,Fukuoka

日時:2017 年10 月15 日(日)17:30~
会場:art space tetra

日時:2017 年10 月15 日(日)19:00~
会場:art space tetra
タイトル:「Who’ s making art ?- アートは誰が作ってる? -」

山口洋三 (福岡市美術館 学芸課長) 
正路佐知子(福岡市美術館 学芸員)  
柏尾沙織 (福岡アジア美術館 学芸員)
齋藤一樹 (WHITE SPACE ONE ディレクター)
安部貴住 (高校教諭)
田中勇  (博多人形師)
出口雄樹 (アーティスト)
古賀義浩 (アーティスト)
篠原達郎 (アーティスト)


PEACE 2017-Group Exhibition

K. Hyakuda • Y. Ideguchi • H. Morimoto • Sci-Katz • A. Yamada


August 5 – 27, 2017
Wed. To Sat. 12:00 to 6:00PM


Medialia Gallery
335 West 38th street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10028

Seattle Art Fair 2017

Thursday, August 3, 2017 5:30pm-9pm / Beneficiary Preview

Friday, August 4, 2017 / 11am-7pm
Saturday, August 5, 2017 / 11am-7pm
Sunday, August 6, 2017 / 12pm -6pm –
CenturyLink Field Event Center
800 Occidental Ave S
Seattle, WA 98134

International Workshop of Painters,Stary Sącz

International Workshop of Painters Symposium of Local Cultures ,Stary Sącz,Poland

14 – 29 July : Artist in Residence

24 July :Symposium

28 July :Exhibition Opening


<ドキュメンタリー>Hokusai beyond the Great wave

Hokusai beyond the Great wave

date: 25 May – 13 August 2017

site: The British Museum, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3DG



I had an interview from the British Museum for a documentary program.
They’ll have an exhibition of Hokusai. So, They interviewed me as one of successors of Hokusai.
The video will be shown at an opening reception of the exhibition.




<2人展> Collective Memory  Yuki Ideguchi & LuLu Meng



Collective Memory   Yuki Ideguchi & LuLu Meng


Date: 2017/5/13(sat)~5/26(Fri) 13:00-19:00 Close- Mon to Wed

Site: 青雲畫廊 Cloud Gallery

104 台北市中山區明水路469、471號1樓

No. 469, Mingshui Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City,10491

+886 2 2533 2839


AArt exhibition/ Love and peace—Exhibition of Japanese artists Michio Namateme and Yuki ideguchi



Artist : Michio Namatame、Yuki Ideguchi



50 Moganshan Rd 3rd building-110, Putuo Qu, Shanghai Shi